Life outside of air conditioning.

For the AC guy, life stays pretty busy.  In the summer, we’re so slammed it’s hard to get away.  In the winter, not a lot of daytime to get things done.  Plus, it’s kinda cold sometimes.  🙂

Got a great set of parents that were both born in Laurel Hill, FL as were their parents, and their parents, and so on.  Getting married in 1950, they’ve seen a lot.  My mom is kinda like the June Cleaver mom – seriously.  And my dad is the only hero I ever had.  Treats my mom like they’re still courting and never once let me find him doing anything remotely dishonest or unethical.  Have three older sisters with two here in Crestview area and the other in California.  Kind of a creature of habit, been going to Woodlawn Baptist since 1972.  If you don’t have a church home, come see us.

As written on the previous page, I spend my time doing some volunteer work and trying to live a little.  I see so many people working and simply existing.  It’s like they’ve hit cruise control on their own life and just watching as life passes them by.  We don’t have long on this earth and I want to squeeze a few memories as I go.  Below is a brief recap of some memories caught on film.

Me, Dad, & Trish hanging out.
Musta still be in Fort Bragg, NC because dad was wearing his uniform.  I don’t have memories of Dad in uniform but I’m told I stopped marching when he retired after Vietnam.
Not sure what had me and Dad so wide eyed.  Maybe Mom told us that one day I’d work for him.  🙂
Sunday morning and we’re ready to go with Bibles in hand.
One of my favorite pictures of Dad & me.
Dad & I had gone fishing and came home to show of our catch.  The white t-shirt, fat black belt, and bell bottom jeans was a stage I went through.
My nephew Pete and I shared a birthday.  Pete was a cute kid that later grew into a hard working man.
We went to the Alamo with my oldest sister’s family.  They tried to make me wear this stupid looking bennie hat and there was NO WAY I was wearing that.  As you can see, I lost that battle.
I was 18 years old and finally started coming out of my shell and becoming a young man.
After opening a martial art school, my family and a few students traveled to Korea in 2006.  Toured a lot of Korea from Inchon, Seoul, Blue House (like our White House), temples, etc.
Hanging out on Ocoee river with my high school buddies.  They didn’t bother to tell me this is where “Deliverance” was shot until AFTER I made reservations.  ACK!  The river was also host to 1996 Olympics and supposedly Cat IV rapids.  A lot of fun and no one lost an eye.
As a martial art enthusiast, it doesn’t get much better than meeting “The Man” Chuck Norris.
Hanging out with the family at the Alamo.  We had a great time doing the caverns, Towers of America, River Walk, etc.
Pictures of the Caverns.  Amazing.
Firetruck pull for YMCA fund raiser with World’s Strongest Man Bill Kazmaier.  Super nice guy and a good cause.
Went to Tampa to hang out with my high school buddies in 2009.  We saw wild Rhesus monkeys in Silver Springs while kayaking.
Another view of the Rhesus monkey.  My buddy Kit just HAD to make the nice little monkey mad and come after us.  Never mind the huge gator that was sleeping on the river bank nearby.
A Ray’s game while in Tampa.
A picture of my high school buddies as we took a break to eat lunch.  Right after this picture was taken, some crazy flying bugs decided to make us lunch so we took off up river.
Our oldest daughter, 16 at the time, tells me it would be “cool” if her 38 year old dad played Semi-Pro football.  So although I never played in my life, here I am smiling as our 8 year old snaps a picture of her lineman daddy.
Waiting for Defense to get us the ball so we can do our thing.
Me on the sideline at halftime for a game that ended up being our first win.  Perhaps I was praying.  🙂
Although my first year, I was still drafted for the PSFL All-Star game.
Hanging out with our youngest on her field day to Tallahassee.  We went to the Capital, first Capital, Senate, etc.  Nice to get a day off to hang out with our youngest daughter.
The DE crossed his feet.  About half a second later I planted my left foot and turned into him for a pancake.   I was out of high school before this guy was born.  That made me feel old.
Tying the black belt on our youngest after testing in front my instructor.