Meeting the Instructors

Whether you’re talking about dance, gymnastics, chorus, martial arts, or any other host of similar services, the instructor is very likely THE most important person(s) to the student. We’ve all taken boring courses that were only made more boring by the monotone instructor and then the hard contrast when being under an instructor that makes us look forward to coming to the next class.

The instructors at Gordon Martial Arts is a lot of reason to be proud with two master level instructors at the helm. Other than two instructors who are still in school, most of the other instructors at GMA are in their 40’s or 50’s with careers and families of their own. The level of maturity and life experience these instructors bring is something that simply can’t be found in most other martial art schools.

Check out the short bios, testimonials, and be sure to check out the school tour.

Please note that like every profession there are good people and bad people. Truth is, there are NO regulatory restrictions to opening a martial art school. In fact, you can get an instructor certificate and black belt certificate on ebay. Since 2003 we’ve seen several schools open and close. It’s important to know that Chief Master Gordon and Master Bledsoe have been tested, trained, and promoted by the very best in the martial art world with Grand Master KS Hwang (direct student of General Choi – founder of Taekwon-Do), Grand Master Timmerman (literal living legend in the Korean Martial Art world with his training starting in 1950), and Dojunim Ji, Han Jae (founder of Sin Moo Hapkido).