Mr Glenn Speziale

adult karate training crestview, flLike many children that first start martial arts, Glenn Speziale’s father enrolled him into Karate to help him with discipline and focus.  Before getting a chance to earn his black belt, they moved to Crestview where he enrolled in a local Taekwondo school.  Same school where he met Master Thomas Gordon and Master Gregory Bledsoe in the early 90’s.  After successfully preparing and passing the black belt exam, he realized it was the end of one journey and the beginning of another amazing journey.

Glenn was in the class all the time and he was clearly hooked always being eager to help and enjoyed teaching.  Glenn said, “It is always rewarding when you see that your teachings helped another person.”  But like many young men, his credits his father with being the hero in his life and reflects on his most memorable moment being at his first tournament.  He placed first and looked at his father and saw how proud he was.

He favors the 360 jumping spin kick and the z-locking technique.  Although a tournament favorite in sparring winning several championships, its the patterns/forms that he prefers saying that he enjoys the precision of technique.  It’s that precision that is so important to him.  In the martial art world, Glenn sees the influences of Bruce Lee and considers him a martial art icon. Since a seminar with Bruce Lee isn’t possible, if given the opportunity, he would like some mat time with Jackie Chan.  When speaking of the icons in martial arts and in life, Glenn reflects back to his father saying, “I never realized how strong of a person he was until I became a father and saw all the sacrifices that he made of us. What a true hero would do.”

When not doing martial arts, Glenn is full time in the military and enjoys hiking, running, physical fitness, and rock climbing.  He’s been able to see much of the world including Jaboody, Africa but says he want’s to visit Antarctica.

A note from Thomas Gordon:  Mr Speziale is a one of a kind person.  He’s one of the most technical people you’ll meet in martial arts.  An excellent technician with patterns and always bringing the A game to the ring when sparring.  Despite his talents, he held his humility and one of the most giving people you’ll ever meet.

Quick facts:
2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-Do (2012)
Certified GMA Instructor (2015)

Below are a few pictures of Mr Speziale training, teaching, and competing.