Mr Richard Rounsaville

karate crestview, fl
Mr Richard Rounsaville started martial arts in December of 2005.  When asked, he says that he loves everything martial arts—from learning new forms to participating in the  Korean Martial Arts Festival each spring where masters from around the world come to Crestview and teach some of what they teach at their schools.   About Korean Martial Art Festival, he says, “Being able to learn from these masters really expands my love for martial arts in a whole new way.  I have learned from several Grand Masters from around the country and the world, to include Grand Master Hwang, who was instructed by the founder of Taekwondo, General Choi.” When not in the martial art school, Mr Rounsaville is a huge Star Wars fan.   He has met several Star Wars celebrities and had the pleasure to even get their autograph and a picture with them.  Every year he goes to Star Wars weekends at Disney world, where the movie producers and actors for the films come and meet the fans.  Also in the spare time, being a typical high school student, he likes to play games, go to the movies, and draw. Mr Rounsaville’s love for the martial arts is very evident.  He’s easygoing, has a good sense of humor, and caring.  He loves to teach and trying to make classes enjoyable. When watching him assist in class, it’s clear that he enjoys seeing the smiles on student’s faces when they figure something out or when their having fun in class. His goal in martial arts is to become an instructor, master instructor, and eventually a grand master.

Quick facts:
3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-Do (2013)
Certified GMA Instructor (2015)


Below are a few pictures of Mr Rounsaville from when he was first starting to working his way into an assistant instructor position at Gordon Martial Arts.