Ms Mary Valdez

Ms Mary came to Gordon Martial Arts in 2012 and was our Student Manager and now an instructor.  When not in martial arts, she’s an avid fitness buff and certified:

martial arts studio for kids crestview, fl

  • Personal Trainer
  • CrossFit Instructor
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • Certified in and teaches;

Step, Spin, TurboKick, HipHopHustle, BootCamp, Aqua Aerobics, Zumba, Zumbatomic,  Zumba Tone, and Body Pump Mary Valdez has been working in the fitness field since 2002. Having weighed twice the amount she currently does, from poor eating habits and lack of exercise, she decided enough was enough and started her journey to become a healthy person. She began working at a martial arts school in NC where she started taking classes and training during the day when her two children were in school. When she began teaching Jiu Jitsu to children; she caught the instructor bug bad and began to seek knowledge from everywhere possible. Attending workshops that ranged from senior fitness to youth fitness, nutrition to eating disorders, even prenatal fitness. In her spare time Mary started running. Not just regular marathon running, Ultra Marathons. She runs races with distances up to 100 miles at a time. You might see her running from one end of town to another on a daily basis. When she isn’t running or training clients, Mary is pursuing her college degree and working at Gordon Martial Arts at nights. She fills in teaching classes when she can in the evenings here at the Crestview Riviera location. With her vast knowledge of certifications and workshops, she can meet just about any client’s goals, but she especially enjoys training runners. It could be people who have never run before looking to run their first 5k, to people who are looking to PR at their next marathon. Also, because Mary has been at one time an unhealthy individual, she can relate to those trying to loose weight. She wants to help you meet and exceed your goals, and will help you set new ones.

Quick facts:
3rd Degree Black Belt in Hapkido (2020)
2nd Degree Black Belt in Combat JuJistu (2018)

Gulf Coast Martial Arts Tournament 2017 Champion (Adult Black Belt Self Defense)


Video’s of Ms Mary’s black belt exam:
After 3+ years of training, Ms Mary Valdez tested for 1st degree in Hapkido.  This testing ran for a bit over 2 hours where she demonstrated:
63 Basics with stances, movements, falls/rolls, strikes, & kicks
114 HooShinSool techniques/drills (don’t confuse techniques with principals/concepts)
8 Self Defense drills
3 Personal Protection drills
3 Spontaneous Defense drills

About half way through the testing Ms Mary suffered a broken ankle after a partner fell over her foot rolling her ankle.  After a 10 minute break, she insisted on completing the exam.

On the testing panel was Grand Master Kenneth MacKenzie, Dr/Master Bradley Lord, Mr Thomas Gordon, & Mr Gregory Bledsoe



Below are a few pictures of Ms Valdez with mud runs, ultra runs (100 miles), zumba, training, teachng the Mini Martials, to taking a seminar from Dan “The Beast” Severn.