Combat JuJitsu

Welcome to the Lion’s Mouth!

 combat jujitsu crestview, flCombat Ju-Jitsu is a no nonsense, very direct, and very aggressive martial art system developed by Soke Michael DePasquale Jr.  This is an art based on combat techniques without many of the traditional aspects found in other forms of Japanese Ju-Jitsu.  The purpose is to quickly and effectively neutralize a threat – nothing more, nothing less.

“Lions Mouth” Combat JuJitsu came from Soke DePasquale talking about the “Mouth Of Truth” from Roman times.  You can find this at Paleochristian Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, at the foot of the Aventine Hills.   Tourists from around the world come to see the Roman statue that represents a river god with lions mane, wide eyes, and an open mouth.self-defense programs crestview, fl

When a liar placed their hand inside the mouth, they would lose it.  If you were telling the truth, you would be able to remove your arm unscathed.  In the 1953 movie Roman Holiday, Gregory Peck places his arm inside the mouth as Audrey Hepburn looks on with a terrified look on her face.

When we heard this story, similar to sticking your arm towards a JuJitsian, or poking at a real Lion, there’s a chance it won’t return in the same condition in which it was extended.  Hence the name, “Lion’s Mouth.”