Gordon Martial Arts Adult Hapkido program is designed and taught specifically to adults.  It’s based on joint locks and joint manipulation with a no-nonsense approach on how to control someone regardless of their size.  The basis of Hapkido is non-resistance, circle principle, and water/flexible principle.

This program is primarily led by Master Thomas Gordon and Master Gregory Bledsoe.  In this program you’re likely to find the stay at home mom’s, business people, pediatrician, school teacher, and just about every other walk of life.  Some of the students that have come through this program that can use it in their profession has been law enforcement from Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department, Florida State Trooper, Valparaiso Police Department, and Crestview Police Department from patrolman to investigator to Swat to Police Chief.  Also had various members military from the “everyday military job” to the more specialty fields of Marine Forced Recon, Army Green Beret, Air Force Special Tactics Combat Control Team, Army Rangers, Navy Seals, Air Force Special Operations, and others.  In a nutshell, just about anyone can benefit from martial art training and for those that are seeking the escorting techniques and/or close quarter self defense, Hapkido is an obvious choice.