Children’s Classes

Our Children’s Martial Arts program goes beyond just traditional martial arts training by also incorporating character development and state of the art teaching methods. Not only do our children learn self-defense, they also develop very positive feelings about themselves and others.

Our children program is primarily led by Master Instructor Gregory Bledsoe a seventh degree internationally certified instructor. Master Bledsoe taught in the public school system for 35 years and retired going full time into his passion of martial arts.

In today’s world, there are concerns with how our children are growing up and pressure our children face today. A lot different than the pressures that we faced when we grew up. Not only do today’s children have to behave and get good grades, there’s a constant peer pressure of drugs, violence, and bullying.


At Gordon Martial Arts, we’ve gone through the latest training and continue to train as we realize we must give children a head start in life. We do this by teaching life skills and social benefits while the children learn self defense. Through the children training classes, while they learn to defend themselves, they will also:

  • Stay active and avoid childhood obesity
  • Help teach focusing and concentration which will help with better school grades
  • Build strength and coordination
  • Teach goal setting, honesty, humbleness, indomitable spirit, integrity, and leadership
  • Teach mental discipline while incorporating responsibility.
  • Assist with learning respect while gaining self confidence, self control, self esteem, and socialization.

The children will enjoy the training as well as the friendships. A quality martial art program can be help to assist solid parenting. With the leadership skills being taught, the children get a head start on life because their parents gave them the tools to focus, get through tough times, and get ahead. Earning a black belt isn’t like pinning on a merit badge, it’s something the child will be able to reflect back for the rest of their life.

We enforce good rules of behavior in class, and we expect the same kind of behavior at home and in school.

Martial Arts are improve children’s self esteem by the reward system For children and teenagers, the belt system is one of the key ingredients to building self esteem. When they earn their next belt, not only are they learning self defense, but they are building self confidence and learning to feel good about themselves.

Martial Arts is a great way to build self esteem and self control “…martial arts programs are more effective than other physical activities at reducing aggression and hostility and increasing self-esteem, self-control and self-confidence.” (Source – Binder, Brad. “Psychosocial Benefits of Martial Arts: Myth or Reality? A Literature Review.” 1999.)

Martial Arts will give your child confidence Nothing can take the place of the security in knowing that your child can defend themselves should the need ever arise. “People who continue to practice the martial arts for prolonged periods are different from the general populace in these ways: they have a lower level of anxiety; an increased sense of responsibility; they are less likely to be radical; they have an increased level of self-esteem; and they are more socially intelligent.” (Source – Psychology Today, May 1985.)

Martial Arts can save your life The instructors at Gordon Martial Arts has trained for many years to make sure everything we teach is reality based. We’ve trained under some of the best martial artists in the world and stay on the cutting edge of martial art training.

Martial Arts are a lot of fun and channel aggression We learned a long time ago that people learn faster when they are having fun. At Gordon Martial Arts, we make sure to keep the atmosphere friendly and family friendly. You’ll have a good time meeting new friends while learning life changing martial arts. Children’s aggression will be channeled away from bad outlets which is why many doctors have prescribed martial arts because of the positive outlet it gives the children.