Bullying, it’s a hot topic and especially for martial art instructors. 

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Cover of Coloring Book

So as martial artists, what are we to do about bullying?  I’m a firm believer that a personshould be fairly compensated for their time and talents.  After thousands of dollars and years of dedication, you provide a professional service and you should receive a professional wage.  However, we should also give back to the community.  It’s like paying rent for sucking up all that free air.  For martial art instructors, doing charitable work allows us to teach our students to experience something larger than themselves.  While financially  donating to charity is good, assisting in a “beat the bully” class gives them personal contact in addition to helping them learn and giving them a new perspective.  Frankly, classes like this and the free women’s self-defense classes are humbling.

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One of the Inside Pages

So what can you do?  For our school, we do free “How to avoid the bully” seminars for the public.  Totally free.  We’ve gone into the local schools and done free seminars.  About six months ago we even brought Martin Kove (aka Sensei John Krease from Karate Kid) down for our tournament and while here, had him do a two “How to avoid the bully” talks at the local Middle Schools.  After decades of free bully classes, the biggest impact we had was when we invested $3500 and delivered 10,000 coloring books solely devoted with dealing with bullying.  These were done totally free and there is an opportunity for a child to bring in the back page for free martial art training.  As a martial artist, father, and member of the community, I’ve done my part.  As a school owner, there is opportunity for them to request additional training and joining our martial art school.  A win-win for everyone.

Step by step process:

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What 10,000 Coloring Books Looks Like

I got these for $3500USD here in the USA which included a $550 shipping allowance.  $0.35 each was pretty cheap.  Nice quality too.  What I’m suggesting other martial art schools do is:

1 – Run anti bully article in the local paper.  I provide the article – you put your name on it.  You may have to pay to put it in the paper but it’ll be worth the ad cost.  The coloring book is based on the article.

2 – Take the coloring books to the local schools.  What’s left goes to restaurants, day cares, hospitals, etc.

3 – 10,000 coloring books is news worthy and should get local press.  Use that press for your martial art school.

Coloring book is totally customizable with front cover and most pages have your website at the bottom.   The last page has a “bring this page in for free 2 weeks” offer.

Interested in more info?  Hit the “contact” and I’ll personally call or email you back.


I’ve had some requests for smaller amounts.  Obviously it’s cheaper to buy in bulk but I do understand that $3500 isn’t always just laying around.  However, don’t be surprised if the local media isn’t overly interested if you give out 500 coloring books instead of 10,000.  A few other options:

500 coloring books – $1015 ($30 freight allowance) at $2.03 each

1000 coloring books – $1280 ($60 freight allowance) at $1.28 each

2500 coloring books – $1690 ($130 freight allowance) at $0.68 each

5000 coloring books – $2250 ($260 freight allowance) at $0.45 each

10000 coloring books – $3500 ($550 freight allowance) at $0.35 each