Advanced Hapkido Curriculum

1st Quarter / December – February

& 3rd Quarter / June-August

Meridian System is based on twelve organs creating a system of energy circulation. The meridians extend throughout the entire body. The twelve organs are Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidney, Pericardium (Heart Constrictor), Gall Bladder, Liver, and Triple Heater (and upper stomach). Study of the meridian system is a key component to acupuncture, acupressure, & reflexology. There are some correlations between pressure points and the meridian system. (Recommended reading is Tsubo by Katsusuke Serizawa)


Understanding Ki Literally translated, Ki means “energy.” Clearly, ki is meaningful in Hapkido, as it is the second character making up the very word. There is also an association of an essential creative principle. When doing Hapkido, we perform the techniques using our muscles and strength. In addition to physical strength, coupled with knowledge, there’s an internal strength and flow of energy which is loosely a defining point of ki.


Basics of:

Downward elbow & arc hand

#1-4 jump round kick

#1-4 jump side kick

Jump spin crescent kick

Front shoulder air roll over obstacle

Parry drill



Joint locks, throws, & escapes. (Offensive techniques with attacker standing in fighting/aggressive stance)

Outside wrist lock

Elbow lock

Shoulder lock

Elevated wrist lock

Driving shoulder lock

Outside elbow lever

Swing weight

Straight arm wrist lock

Hammer lock

Blending throw

Straight arm throw

Hip throw (inside and outside)

Head throw (inside and outside)

Shoulder throw (inside and outside)

Fireman’s throw (inside and outside)


Step Sparring:

Defender starts in parallel ready stance. Attacker starts in a left sparring stance and uses right high section turning kick. All step sparring ends with defender stepping back in Back stance and guarding block.

01 – Defender leaps back using guarding block with knifehand with right Back stance, right long fist (high section, throat) in right Front stance

02 – Defender leaps back using guarding block with knifehand with right Back stance, right (#2) turning kick (high section)



Self Defense:

Spontaneous Self Defense of hooking punch.