Advanced Hapkido Curriculum

2nd Quarter / March-May &

4th Quarter / September – November

 Science Behind The Art is a huge subject unto itself but involves meditation/visualization, knowledge, and physics. For the physics, you have X, Y, & Z axis, straight & circular technique, levers & fulcrum, off balancing, and other factors. For this particular belt level, X, Y, & Z axis is of particular importance. X axis runs horizontally from left to right, Y axis runs vertically, and Z axis runs horizontally from back to front. (Recommended reading is “Advanced Jujitsu: The Science Behind the Gentle Art written by George Kirby)


Basics of:

Downward elbow & arc hand

#1-4 jump round kick

#1-4 jump side kick

Jump spin crescent kick

Front shoulder air roll over obstacle

Parry drill


Joint locks, throws, & escapes. (Punch Defense)

Outside wrist lock

Elbow lock

Shoulder lock

Elevated wrist lock

Driving shoulder lock

Outside elbow lever

Swing weight

Straight arm wrist lock

Hammer lock

Blending throw

Straight arm throw

Straight down arm trap lever

Side choke (Punch Defense)

Parry to Guillotine (Punch Defense)

Rear choke (Punch Defense)

Scoop shoulder lock (Punch Defense)

Arm wrap elbow lock (Punch Defense)


Foot sweep

Trip throw


Overhead throw

Double leg take down

Single leg take down




Step Sparring:

Defender starts in parallel ready stance. Attacker starts in a left sparring stance and uses right high section reverse hooking kick. All step sparring ends with defender stepping back in Back stance and guarding block.

01 – Defender steps back using parallel forearm block with left sitting stance, left punch to ribs (kidney) in left fixed stance

02 – Defender steps back using parallel forearm block with left sitting stance, right (#2) inward pressing kick (behind knee)


Self Defense:

Spontaneous Self Defense of overhead strike.