1st Degree Hapkido Curriculum – First Stage

Choke Attacks

Front triangle, rear blood choke, rear forearm choke

Clothing chokes- cross choke, front lapel choke, side lapel choke, rear lapel choke, chicken wing choke


Self-defense from standing head lock

Hip throw

Lift or tilt and drop

Hammer lock

Knee push- forward and back

Sit throw


Self-defense from headlock on ground

Roll back

Roll over

Push up

Leg hook to back


Self-defense from two hand choke

Outside wrist lock

Arm pit elbow lock

Duck out counter strike or double leg takedown

Double sleeve throw

Arm trap shoulder throw

Overhead throw


Self-defense from cross choke

Head torque takedown



1st Degree Hapkido Curriculum – Second Stage


Self-defense from belt grab

Belt grab – shoulder throw

Belt grab – clapping arm lock/shoulder lock


Self-defense from bear hug

Bear hug with arms – hip throw

Bear hug without arms – chin push


Self-defense from single arm choke (each choke gets deeper)

Shoulder throw

Winding throw

Wing throw

Arm trap, step behind takedown


Self-defense from kicks

Inside trip/reap for round, spin, side

Outside trip/reap for round, spin, side

Backward toss for front, round, side, spin

Bent knee takedown

Foot twist throw- inside & out for side kick

Knee bar takedown

Leg hook take down- inside and outside


1st Degree Hapkido Curriculum – Third Stage

Self-defense from blunt weapons

Outside wrist lock

Elbow lock

Shoulder lock

Elevated wrist lock

Driving shoulder lock

Outside elbow lever

Swing weight

Straight arm wrist lock

Hammer lock

Blending throw

Straight arm throw

This Stage was intentionally left with less material so student can review color belt material and first two stages of 1st Degree to prepare for 2nd Degree exam.