Intermediate Hapkido Curriculum

2nd Quarter / March – May

Three Major Contributors to Hapkido are Sokaku Takeda, Yong Sool Choi, & Ji Han Jae. Yong Sool Choi (11/09/1904 – 06/15/1986) was the founder of the martial art hapkido. Born in Korea, he was taken to Japan during the Japanese occupation of Korea when he was eight years old. Choi returned to Korea after the end of the World War II. In 1948 began teaching his art at a brewery owned by the father of his first student Bok-Seob Seo. He first called his art “Yu Sul” or “Yawara” later changing it to “Yu Kwon Sool” and “Hap Ki Yu Kwon Sool” and eventually Hapkido. Choi claimed to be a student of Takeda Sokaku who founded Daito-ryu Akii-jujutsu while in Japan. Due to lack of evidence, this is disputed by some. The arts of Hapkido, modern Hwa Rang Do, Kuk Sool Won, and others show influence of the teachings of Choi.


Basics of:


Spin knifehand

Spin backfist

#3-4 front kick

#3-4 side kick

Front shoulder air roll

Front forward elbow

Front upper elbow

#3-4 round kick

Hook kick

Inside crescent kick

Outside crescent kick

High back elbow

Low back elbow


#1-4 jump front kick

Front fall from standing


Joint locks, throws, & escapes.

Front shoulder lock from same side wrist grab

Front shoulder lock from cross side wrist grab

Front shoulder lock from same side mid sleeve grab (cross grab & rotate)

Front shoulder lock from single wrist grab from behind

Hammer lock from same side wrist grab

Hammer lock from same side mid sleeve grab

Reap from low sleeve grab

Scoop shoulder lock from elbow/mid sleeve grab

Swing weight from same side wrist grab

Swing weight from cross side wrist grab


Step Sparring:

Defender & attacker starts in parallel ready stance. Attacker steps forward in Front stance and punches with right middle punch. All step sparring ends with defender stepping back in Back stance and guarding block.

01 – Defender steps back using left hooking block with left Front stance, right reverse elbow strike to ribs

02 – Defender steps back using right hooking block with right Front stance, right (#1) side piercing kick (belt level)


Self Defense:

Personal protection – attacker steps forward with a forward punch. Defender steps into attacker shifting right foot at a 45-degree angle using a left outer forearm block that rolls into a wrist grab. Right inverted knifehand strike to side of neck with right foot simultaneously sweeping the attackers left leg and pulling on the attacker’s right wrist ending with attacker being on their back and defender doing a wrist lock the attacker’s right wrist.