LEO Training

Defensive Tactics Training for all active duty Law Enforcement* offered for FREE.

Gordon Martial Arts wants to say “Thank You” as we should all appreciate those that keep us safe.  In 2016, we did a Community for Cops event.  While the event was well attended as a family fun day showing support for law enforcement, we wanted to do more.  We’ll do so by offering all active duty law enforcement free defensive tactics training.

At Gordon Martial Arts, we teach defensive tactics via Hapkido training which is literally translated meaning the “The Way of Coordinated Power.”  Hapkido is the perfect fit for law enforcement as it uses joint locks, take-downs, restraints, and submissions.  This is done through non-restive circular movements that control the aggressor via skeletal joint locks and/or pain compliance.  Hapkido is unique with its emphasis of redirection of attacks coupled without the necessity of physical strength or size to properly gain advantage through technique. 

We can see a much smaller person sufficiently protect themselves and control a much larger opponent with the very nature of Hapkido is controlling while redirecting and/or restraining.  A few examples of this can be seen here and another here.

So why defensive tactics training?  There’s an excellent article written by an officer.  Outside of the reasons he listed, the bottom line is, because we the public, are depending on you.  Because your family wants you to return home safely.  And because your fellow officers are relying on you as you rely on them.  When an officer must go “hands on” with someone, there is an opportunity for an altercation.  An officer that has defensive tactics training will be much better prepared to handle the altercation with less risk of injury to themselves or the assailant.  Which in turn means less opportunity for excessive force lawsuits.

So come in and jump into the training as our way of showing our appreciation!


*This specific program is offered to active duty fulltime law enforcement such as City Police, Sheriff Deputies, and State Troopers.  For groups of four or more, we’ll be glad to offer a reduced rate for Correctional Officers, military groups, teacher’s group, etc.