Referral Program

Referrals is the best complement you can give someone.  If you like what you’ve seen, please tell someone.  If you don’t like what you’ve seen, please email me directly so I can set up a time to discuss it with you so I can fix it or explain it.  I’ve traveled all over the USA and other parts of our world trying to steal…errr….I mean borrow the best ideas & practices of martial arts.  And it’s finally showing when world renowned Consultant Keith Scott came in winter 2011 and rated us “One of the top 5 martial art schools in the world!”    If you’re on Facebook, drop a comment on the page.  If you’re on Google, leave a review.

Hang on…not done with the referral portion yet, we want your referrals and we’re going to make it worth your time!  Every time you someone signs up for classes that you referred, you’ll get your choice of a $50 gift card from Walmart, Game Stop, O’Quigley’s -OR- a $75 gift card from GMA that can be used for sparring gear, uniforms, or an order out of Century catalog.  AND, regardless of them signing up or not, everyone that brings in a friend will get their name in a drawing to be done every promotions that will let one lucky winner get a XBOX360!!*  So two ways to win:

1 – Anyone bringing in a friend to take class gets their name in the drawing where ONE person will win the XBOX2 – If the friend signs up for classes, the student gets a gift card that same day.*Ahhh…the small print.  Parent must come in with the friend to sign the hold-harmless, the the referral must be someone that is a legitimate potential student (not your cousin from Michigan visiting for the summer), and the term “sign up” means the standard one year agreement (prepay or EFT).