Requirements – Swat Team

(Special Winning Attitude Team)

Minimum Requirements:

1 – Intermediate level (orange, green, or blue belt)
2 – Train as a student in at least two classes per week
3 – Assist with special functions
4 – Assist with two classes a week.  Be able to demonstrate all kicks & strikes.  Be able to perform all lower forms.

Submit a one page thesis on why martial arts is important to you.  Thesis is to be done in single space Arial 12pt font skipping a line between indented paragraphs.

Intermediate and Advanced Level Students are eligible to join this “Special Winning Attitude Team” by working closely with a designated Beginner Level “Buddy” or assisting in a particular class.  As the name implies, we are looking for students who possess, or wish to cultivate, a great attitude about training and community service. If you performed this extra duty well, you can be on the SWAT Team and wear the SWAT patch.

This assignment will have you work under supervision of the Beginner Class Instructor in order for you to learn important life skills such as: dedication, punctuality, responsibility, and much more. In addition, you will truly learn to understand your own curriculum better by having to “think” through it as you work with Beginner Level students.

Once you’ve successfully passed all the above requirements, you will be formally introduced, presented with SWAT Team patch, and promoted at the following promotional ceremony.