Requirements – Trainee Instructor Status

Minimum Requirements:

1 – 18 Years Old (Junior Trainee Instructor is for those under 18 and meet the other requirements)
2 – Red belt
3 – Documented assisting in classes for 180 classes as a Swat and/or Storm team member
4 – Train as a student in at least two classes per week
5 – Assist with special functions
6 – Assist with two classes a week.  Be able to lead warm-ups.

Submit a three page thesis broken down by:

Page 1 Cover Sheet with “Trainee Instructor Thesis” in Arial 24pt on top.  Then, in Arial 14pt, list your name, rank, birth date, & current date
Page 2-3 will be on which teacher/instructor/coach impacted your life and in what way.

Other than cover page, thesis is to be done in single space Arial 12pt font skipping a line between indented paragraphs.

The SWAT and STORM Teams are under your supervision and their success is your responsibility. Everyone is accountable, and being promoted to Assistant Instructor status depends on how successful students under your supervision are.

Once you’ve successfully passed all the above requirements, you will be formally introduced, presented with trainee instructor patch, and promoted at the following promotional ceremony.

As a recap, make sure you fulfill 1-6 listed above.  Turn in thesis and take physical exam.