Welcome to Gordon Martial Arts!

Are you looking for…

  • A safe environment for people to train in
  • With Internationally certified instructors
  • Offering our students a stand alone facility dedicated to martial art training
    that is well lit, clean, and professional facility.
  • with a full time staff of internationally certified instructors.
  • unlimited training available
  • Open 6 days a week with 41 classes offered weekly

It’s easy to put up a pretty website with canned images from professional models. Every person you see on this site was training at Gordon Martial Arts. The videos you see on this site is shot on-site and the interviews were not rehearsed. In fact, the parents interviewed did not know they were being interviewed that day! What you’re getting is off the cuff feelings from the students and/or parents so take the time to visit the testimonials page. In reality, it’s probably the most important single page on this site.

Gordon Martial Arts owner/instructor Thomas Gordon has been featured
6 times on the cover of Taekwondo Times with an international circulation!

One of the main objectives of Gordon Martial Arts is to help make the Crestview area a better place to live. We do this by helping the students grow and develop critical life skills while being able to instruct in practical self-defense, leadership skills, and positive character development. Outside of the obvious intent of martial arts, we will strive to motivate our students to be trustworthy, respectable, responsible, fair, caring, and contributors to our society. To help achieve this, we focus on a higher standard for our instructors.

Our community is such a critical part of our children’s development and the future.   Gordon Martial Arts was founded by Thomas Gordon. The Gordon family has lived in north Okaloosa County area for many, many generations…..even before Okaloosa County existed. We went to school here, work here, live here, raise our family here, teach here, and give back here.

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