Mr Michael Woods


General Details


Michael Steven Woods


June 21, 1953

Current Rank

2nd Dan TaeKwon-Do


GMA Instructor certificate, ITF Instructor certificate, ITF Referee certificate

Other Points of Interest

Born in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, Adopted in 1959,

Naturalized in 1963. Graduated, Choctawhatchee High school in 1972, Joined the Air Force in 1972 and retired in 1994.

Enjoy Flying (Soaring/Gliding especially), Grandkids,
Golf, Chess,

Computers, Church, Photography, Motorcycles.

Martial Art History and goals

What got you into martial arts?

The first time was during the, Bruce Lee craze. Everyone was doing some form of Martial Arts, there was a Kang Duk Won school on base (Homestead Florida) so I joined. This last time was to get back into some sort of good physical shape, round not
being a shape I liked, and to fulfill a lifelong desire of reaching Black belt.

What keeps you coming back?

I enjoy teaching, and having obtained my Instructor
Certification, am now able teach to others. I am also able to continue this journey as far as I can take it.

Where do you want to be in 2020?

By 2020 I hope to still be kicking and have my 4th degree in TKD.

What is your goal in martial arts in your lifetime?

Continue to learn as much as I, advance as far as I can, and teach as long as I can.

What is the most memorable moment(s) in martial arts?

1) Learning that I can get my backside kicked by a girl.

2) My first double board break.

3) Meeting GM Hwang, Chris Dufour, Geoff J. Booth, Kevin Janisse, Monty Hendrix, Rudy W. Timmerman, Bruce Irvine, Steve
Kincade, Marlin Sims, Calvin Longton, Craig Hamm, David R Pittman, (Very few martial artist have had this opportunity).

4) Watching my grandson receive his Gold Belt (Mini-Martials).

What is your proudest moment in martial arts?

Personally, reaching my Black Belt and Instructors rating. Other proud moments are watching people I have helped train receiving their promotions.

What is your favorite technique in Taekwondo?

Palm heel strike, short, sharp and straight to the point!!

Which do you prefer?  Forms, sparring, board breaks, or self
defense?  Why?

Sparring; because sparring brings forms, board breaks and self-defense all together as one action at the right time, to the
right target, with the proper technique and the required force for the desired results without having to think about the action.

What is your biggest accomplishment in martial arts?

Instructors Certification.

Other than those listed above, who have you been able to train under or
get some mat time with?


1) Dan Severn (The Beast)

2) Moshe D Katz (Israeli Krav Maga International)

3) Daniel McFarland (Shotokan 6th Dan)

4) GM Raymond Arndt (Kang Duk Won)

Who would you like to catch a seminar with?

I would like to have an extended seminar with GM Timmerman (as long as I’m not the fall guy)

Who would you like to meet?

Chuck Norris

Who is your martial art hero?

Bruce Lee, for overcoming so many prejudices and stereotypes to become one of the most well know martial artist in the world.

Personal Info

What type of music do you like?

Classical, R&B, R&R, some Country, some Jazz.

What type of movies?

Action and Historical.

Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?

1) The Coliseum in Rome.

2) Top of the Eifel Tower in Paris

3) Edinburgh Castel in Scotland (watching the yearly Military Tattoo).

4) Principality of San Marino in Italy.

5) Buddhist temple in Thailand.

Where would you like to go or see?

Israel (to walk where Jesus walked)

What is your biggest accomplishment outside of martial arts?

Outside of the family, achieving my Silver Badge for Gliding.

Outside of martial artists, who helped you get where you are?

John Hicks (CFIG)

Patrick Boretsky (when I was ready to quit, seeing, Patrick  continue on despite his circumstances gave me the
determination to continue.)

Who is your real life hero?

My real life heroes are those who can do what I want to do, but cannot and those that do, where I would not.