Message from Chief Instructor Thomas Gordon –

Undertaking a total website remodel is a huge, huge task. As I knew it was way overdue, I started reviewing other sites and looking at what the supposed industry “leaders” considered great sites. Most of them looked like used car salesman sites with the PS at the end and the PSS after that and some gimmicky “limited time offer.” Caught my attention to see the same student photographs at various sites all across the country. So I looked a little closer and noticed the same testimonials! Unreal. So there isn’t any “limited time offer” on this site. Won’t find any mystery testimonials and no staged actors/actresses. Just our students pictures. On this particular page is a few testimonial videos from parents of students enrolled at GMA. These aren’t long and the parents came in that day not knowing they were going to be interviewed. The man behind the camera is NOT a martial artist and asked candid questions that a parent would tend to ask when looking to enroll their child.

Mrs Griffith
Mrs Ferrell
Mr Eicher
Mrs Castille