Beginner Hapkido Curriculum

4th Quarter / September – November

Elements of Hapkido are Harmony, Circle, & Water. Yu, the water principle, can be thought of as the soft, adaptable strength of water. Hapkido is “soft” in that it does not rely on physical force alone, much like water is soft to touch. It is adaptable in that a hapkido master will attempt to deflect an opponent’s strike, in a way that is similar to free-flowing water being divided around a stone only to return and envelop it.


Basics of:

Parallel back stance

Front stance



#1-2 front kick

#1-2 side kick

Stepping forward

Stepping backward

In place 180

Front shoulder roll

Back stance

Sitting stance



#1-2 round kick

1 step 180

Back step 180

Back shoulder roll



Joint locks, throws, & escapes.

Same side grab – elbow in, thumb down escape

Same side grab – palm out, push away escape

Same side grab – palm in, palm strike

Cross side grab – palm down, elbow strike or pull away

Cross side grab – push away

High same side grab – inside block & back fist

High cross side grab – outside circle escape

Low reverse grab – twist out

Low reverse grab – circle to high same side (“I don’t know”)


Step Sparring:

Defender & attacker starts in parallel ready stance. Attacker steps forward in Front stance and punches with right middle punch. All step sparring ends with defender stepping back in Back stance and guarding block.

01 – Defender steps back using outer forearm block with left Front stance, left high back fist

02 – Defender steps back using outer forearm block with left Front stance, right (#2) front snap kick (belt level)


Self Defense:

01 – Cross Side Single Hand Wrist Grab using weak link break away. Be sure to shift weight when doing this self-defense.

02 – Two Hand Wrist Grab reach in as if shaking your own hand and pull upward using weak link break away