Requirements – Certified GMA Instructor

There are many levels in martial arts and this is one of the highest levels you can reach for.  This level will have a lot of impact on many lives so it’s not something to be taken lightly by the instructor candidate or Master Gordon who oversees all instructors.

Minimum Requirements:

1 – 18 Years Old
2 – Second Degree Black Belt
3 – Documented assisting in classes for 90 classes as an Assistant Instructor
4 – CPR certified
5 – Train as a student in at least two classes per week
6 – Attend black belt and special training classes
7 – Assist with special functions
8 – Lead two classes a week

Before taking written exam, you will need to submit a ten page thesis broken down by:

Page 1 Cover Sheet with “Instructor Thesis” in Arial 24pt on top.  Then, in Arial 14pt, list your name, rank, birth date, & current date
Page 2-4 will be on the role of an instructor
Page 5-7 will be on why you want to become an instructor
Page 8-10 will be on how an instructor should behave on & off the floor so as to be the best example for students.
Page 11 will be a copy of your current CPR certification
Page 12 will be chart of dates & times you’ve assisted teaching

Other than cover page, thesis is to be done in single space Arial 12pt font skipping a line between indented paragraphs.  Each section should start out with a heading.  So the top of page two will have “Role Of An Instructor.”  If you can’t write a thesis based on these rather explicit yet simple instructions, there’s no point in going any further with trying to stand in front of a class.  Fumble here and you stop here until you can get it right.  Not trying to be a hard nosed but people pay good money to learn martial arts or give their child opportunities with martial art training.  We will not cheat them by having inept instructors.

Written exam with True/False, Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, and short essay.  This test should only take a few hours.

During test day, you must know and demonstrate all curriculum and explain curriculum delivery method.  Gordon Martial Arts has spent literally thousands of dollars and many hours developing our proprietary curriculum and you will make us feel comfortable that you can deliver that curriculum in an efficient manner.

The Trainee Instructors are under your supervision and their success is your responsibility. Everyone is accountable, and earning your Instructor certification depends on how successful students under your supervision are.

Once you’ve successfully passed all the above requirements, you will be formally introduced, presented with instructor’s uniform, and promoted at the following promotional ceremony.

As a recap, make sure you fulfill 1-8 listed above.  Turn in thesis, take written exam, take physical exam, and explain curriculum delivery method.

To date, the instructors at Gordon Martial Arts have been:

Thomas Gordon
Gregory Bledsoe
Lisa Gordon
David Mathis (retired after work injury)
James Watson (retired after work injury)
Bo Jackson (moved)
Emma Carrigan (college)
Alberto Barbon
Michael Woods