Requirements – First Degree Black Belt Exam

Congratulations on your hard work and efforts!  Please take the time to thank your family, friends, and anyone else that helped you get where you are today.  If you’re a junior student, the dedication that got you to this point came as a great sacrifice to you and your parents for taking you to class the last 3-4 years.

Once you reach probationary black belt level, you will go through a black belt candidacy period for a minimum of three months with testings being held in June & December.  Many take longer but remember that perseverance is critical for earning your black belt, college degree, or even a future job.  During this time you will review all lower forms, work on self defense, and prepare board breaks.  Do not rely on this class to get you 100% prepared.  Just like the lower forms/ranks, you must work at home.  You should also work on memorizing the names of the patterns, their meanings and number of steps.  Who is the founder/father of Taekwondo?  Where did Taekwondo come from?  Who are your instructors?  Who is their instructors?  Why are you in martial arts?  What is your short term (1-3 year) goal and long term (3+ year) goal?   And other various questions you’ve heard over the years.

For black belt exam, other than step sparring, you will need to know everything.  All lower forms will likely be called and may be called out of order, facing another direction, etc.  If you know it, you know it regardless of which way you’re facing or other “curve balls” thrown your way.

The testing will be hard but certainly not impossible.  Master Gordon has been teaching since 1992 and the instructors at Gordon Martial Arts have been promoting people to black belt since 1999.  The instructors are just as eager to see you pass as you are.  However, along the way the standards has gotten tougher for each belt – black belt is no different.

The results are pretty easy to determine. If a person testing for black belt gets up and fumble 2, 3, 4+ forms, they aren’t going to make it.

If they drop their knee during a noticeable amount of side kicks, they won’t make it.

If they do round kicks (turning kicks) without pivoting on the ball of the support foot, they won’t make it.

If they stand there like they just heard Chinese when being asking for self defense, they won’t make it.

All of this should be fairly fundamental for a person testing for black belt.

You must be consistent and show a firm understanding of your material. Testing for black belt means you’ve shown a lot of dedication and perseverance.  Look around at all the people that were your peers and now most of them are gone.  Sadly, even a few drop out at probationary black belt level.  Perseverance is the secret to being successful for black belt examination.  Same is true with school, career, marriage, etc.   This testing is a lot bigger than that black cloth around the waist and some pretty paper.  Take this testing seriously and you’ll be way ahead when tough times are before you and you reflect back how how you earned your black belt.

If you need any additional help or explanation, don’t hesitate to speak to one of the instructors.