Requirements – Special Teams & Instructors

The certified instructors personally nominates students for SWAT and STORM teams.  Not everyone will be SWAT or STORM team members.  A head instructor can suspend their special status if the student fails to uphold their end of the deal, grades drop, or performance drops.

Trainee Instructor Requirements

Assistant Instructor Requirements

Certified GMA Instructor Requirements

Notice to parents.
Theses opportunities for your children have will no doubt make extra work for parents; however, we have found that our special team programs can make a tremendous difference in the attitude, skills, and community spirit of a young person. In other words, these are the kids that, if they are able to successfully complete the course, become leaders of their peer groups and our community. Lessons learned here last a lifetime! With so much negative input our kids need to cope with these days, our Special Team programs can make a huge difference in the life of a young person. The time you and our Instructors spend with them on these programs may well keep the kids away from potential problems.

Before we accept a student in one of these programs, we will have a short conference with the parents just to make sure everyone completely understands the responsibilities involved. It is like applying for a job, and the experience will be good for the student. Neither you nor we want to waste our time with a student who is not taking their assignment very serious.