Intermediate Curriculum

2nd Quarter / March – May

First Stripe Testing (Done last week in March)

Basics of close stance (10), close ready stance A (10), fixed stance (11), bending stance (12), L stance knifehand high inward strike (13), fixed stance middle punch (14), walking stance punch (14), forearm circular block (15), L stance forearm middle guarding block (16), sitting stance middle punch (86), L stance twin knifehand block (87), walking stance palm hooking block (88), reverse hooking block (89), walking stance front elbow strike (90), X stance backfist high side strike (91), walking stance double forearm high block (92) – (Volume 9)

Yul Gok (1-20)

Second Stripe Testing (Done last week in April)

Basics of closed ready stance B (178), rear foot stance (179), low stance (180), L stance reverse knifehand outward block (181), rear foot stance palm upward block (182), walking stance upward elbow strike (183), walking stance twin fist high vertical punch (184), walking stance twin fist upset punch (185), walking stance x fist rising block (186), L stance back fist high side strike (186), L stance punch (187), walking stance palm pressing block (188), fixed stance U shape block (189), closed stance angle punch (190) – (Volume 9)

Yul Gok (21-38)

Third Stripe Testing (Done last week in May)

Basics of #3-4 front kick, #3-4 side kick, #1-4 turning kick, inside crescent, outside crescent, & back kick

Step Sparring:

Defender & attacker starts in parallel ready stance. Attacker steps forward in walking stance and punches with right middle punch. All step sparring ends with defender stepping back in “L” stance and guarding block.

01 – Defender steps back using left hooking block with left walking stance, right reverse elbow strike to ribs

02 – Defender steps back using right hooking block with right walking stance, right (#1) side piercing kick (belt level)

Self Defense:

Personal protection – attacker steps forward with a forward punch. Defender steps into attacker shifting right foot at a 45-degree angle using a left outer forearm block that rolls into a wrist grab. Right inverted knifehand strike to side of neck with right foot simultaneously sweeping the attackers left leg and pulling on the attacker’s right wrist ending with attacker being on their back and defender doing a wrist lock the attacker’s right wrist.